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Fransiscó is an Engineering & Design company specialised in lightweight engineering. Fransiscó covers the entire innovation and development process: from research, concept design, simulation to prototyping. Being at the leading edge of technology is in our DNA.


A combination of practical hands-on experience and analytical knowhow makes Fransiscó a desired development partner for your challenging projects. Our focus is on reducing weight, increasing functionality & performance while at the same time keeping the business case in check.

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Lightweight products and systems enable higher performance, accuracy, efficiency and require less resources. Fransiscó developed the competence to create these lightweight solutions. Lightweight is achieved by developing novel concepts, application of strong and stiff materials like carbon composites, advanced production technologies like additive manufacturing and by applying design methods like topology optimisation.

Concept development

The start of every lightweight project is rethinking the current concept and find ways to apply lighter materials, innovative geometries and integrate parts & functionality. Out-of-the-box solutions, combining experiences and knowhow form various industries. 

Topology Optimisation

Nature is one of our inspiration sources for lightweight design. Topology optimisation, using the same algoritms that the human body is using to reinforce the bones in your body, is one of the tools to minimise material use while still maintining performance. 

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D printing, makes it possible to manufacture complex geometries in metal, polymers or even ceramics. The given design freedom requires a different way of designing parts, something that Fransiscó has specialised itself in over the years.

Composite engineering

Carbon composites are very strong and very stiff if designed in the correct fashion. E.g. by defining and analysing compressive and tensile stresses it is possible to place the fibres in the most effective orientation. 

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Adventure Motorcycle

Topology Optimised motorcycle swingarm for an electric adventure motorcycle. The suspension components are designed to be additive manufactured in Ti6AlV4. The system features integrated brake components and an innovative suspension kinematics.

Circular Furniture

In cooperation with Van der Kallen design, Fransiscó developed a 3D printed connector used to connect wooden elements together. When assembled it forms a stool, chair or table. By using topology optimisation material use has been reduced and strenght has improved.

Lichtweight Elise

The Lotus Elise is already one of the lightest cars at 700kg. Fransiscó challenges istself by reducing the weight even further, and improving upon functionality and durability. Technology features used: Metal and polymer additive manufacturing and composites.

Let’s create great things together

Fransiscó was founded in 2009 by ir. ing. Gilbert Peters. He started his career by working as a workshop mechanic at a local car dealership while studying for his Bachelor of Automotive engineering and later for his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. This hands-on experience proved to be invaluable later in his career. He has worked for and worked with small business as well as one of the biggest companies in the world.

In previous positions he gained experience in engineering, concept development and project leadership. Gilbert has a great passion for innovation, concept development and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Since 2015 he is fully devoted to Fransiscó, spending his time on developing an electric adventure motorcycle and supporting customers with their engineering challenges.

Being located in The Netherlands, he is at the epicenter of the high-tech Engineering and Research in Western Europe, with very good connections to the rest of the world.

Gilbert Peters Founder


Part reduction

50 ton

Weight saved

Award winning design solutions

Fransiscó participated in the 2015 Additive World Design Challenge. We submitted a redesigned motorcycle swingarm, optimised stiffness and weight, reducing the part count from 16 to 1 parts. 

In front of an internation jury and audience, Fransiscó won the 2015 Additive World Award in the professionals category.

Over the years Fransiscó was featured in various media outlets.

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